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Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Just remember guys you need to put PDF files of this blog and your essay on a CD as well as a hard copy of your essay on Friday.
Just thought I would say in case you didn't know.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

William Hays and his code

William hays from 1921 was the first president of the Motion Picture producers and distributors of America in which time he brought out the Motion Picture Production code or 'Hays Code'.
This Code was enforced in 1933 and its main principle was that no film could exploit women, lower human morals, ridicule laws, religions or other humans.
List of principles of the Hays code

This Motion picture production code affected all films being made shown in America, meaning that films already made where edited so they adhered to the codes rules, up until 1968 when the code was stopped.
Famous films that where edited are Baby Face' and 'Scar-face', which in the new edit lost the meaning behind the stories and sometimes even the ending.

'Baby Face'
Early in the film, Lily seeks the advice of the only man she trusts, a cobbler played by Alphonse Ethier. He reads a passage from a book by the philosopher Nietzsche. The first version of the cobbler's speech that did not pass New York State Censorship was as follows:[2]
A woman, young, beautiful like you, can get anything she wants in the world. Because you have power over men. But you must use men, not let them use you. You must be a master, not a slave. Look here — Nietzsche says, "All life, no matter how we idealize it, is nothing more nor less than exploitation." That's what I'm telling you. Exploit yourself. Go to some big city where you will find opportunities! Use men! Be strong! Defiant! Use men to get the things you want!
A woman, young, beautiful like you, can get anything she wants in the world. But there is a right way and a wrong way. Remember, the price of the wrong way is too great. Go to some big city where you will find opportunities! Don't let people mislead you. You must be a master, not a slave. Be clean, be strong, defiant, and you will be a success."
The new lines were dubbed onto an over-the-shoulder shot of the cobbler. This was one of several changes that allowed the film to pass the New York State Censorship Board.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Meeting on Wednesday 30th...

Group meeting is scheduled for 10am tomorrow in the library so please be there if you can. I don't wanna spend £12 on a train ticket to wait around like a loner :P

We're in a bit of a pickle too so we need to discuss what we can do and all that jazz.

Thanks and see you tomorrow :D

Monday, 28 March 2011


I hope everything's okay for you!
Can you leave us a message as soon as you can to let us know if you'll be available for Thursday or not, just so we can be prepared really.

Cheers! :)



Since John is the one with all the information on Stan we are a bit stuck without him, so we are going to research previously stated key things.
Dan - The hays code
Sean- the recesion of the time
Molly- films of the 40s/50s
We are assuming John will want to do the slide on Brackhage himself.

John please comment on this asap!

Friday, 25 March 2011

So we have an extra week I believe due to the last lecture being cancelled. We need to meet up and discuss research and things.
Monday lunchtime??

Saturday, 19 March 2011

awesome so if we go with Brackhage we wanted to look into him but also films at the time expecially before like the 40s / 50s. films which were very etertainment based because of the american recession i.e. Babyface. Also the Hays code which people like Brakhage were VERY against.